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Well, what can one say?

In fact, not just any’one’… only me, the director of this forthcoming Korean documentary.

I’m virtually hanging my head in shame.  Not only is this the first official update in 2014, it seems nothing was reported in 2013 either!

However, the latter is not entirely true…

There may not have been much noise coming from this page BUT in addition to 3 trips – yes, THREE – to Korea under this filmmakers belt so far (and most of these being since the last official postings in 2012, if not ALL) various reporting has actually taken place.


Aside from interaction with others, both in Korea, the UK and other countries and at events all over the place, there are the following links which have all been pretty active.


and, of course a tad mention has been made at our sister-company:

Look out for more news very soon, including that of a Vimeo channel or two hinting at what’s to come in the final film.

Immense Time Has Passed; Immerse Has Been The Word.

The title may be a play on words, but it’s been no play-time in my world.

That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed the second half of 2012… I have. It’s mainly the juggling of the film-making, other life commitments, press events and ‘Any Other Business’ which has caused the most pressure.

What a time it’s been. I mean that by the time that has passed since the last posting and for the ‘WOW!’ factor of the experiences I immersed myself in. However, there is still so much to learn.

The problem I’m finding now is that there are so many Korean related events on – mostly here in London – I’m barely finding time to finish the script and of course edit what footage I have so far.

Nevertheless, the project is still on target – if target is the right word – and the following is a list of events in that later part of 2012 which has been an eye-opener, to say the least:

Trip to Korea!

The attendance of one Korean film a week – for almost every week of 2012!


[Incomplete Article from many months ago]

FINALLY, INTO PRODUCTIVE-NESS – 1 Month On – Now 11th June

So, it’s been exactly one month since posting a blog article.

Much has been happening.  For a start, there were doubts and uncertainties but they were soon overcome. “Think Positive” exists not solely as 2 words pushed together.

Extra equipment was necessary and acquired.  This includes 2 mics (possibly a 3rd on it’s way), a tripod – which had to be returned and memory cards.  Although with regard to the latter I don’t think we’re ever going to have enough!

Further people have agreed to be involved and incidentally, if you also want to be involved let me know.  This could be assisting in some way or a chance to be on camera, answering a few simple questions on South Korea, it’s culture and overall what you may find interesting about the place, it’s food or films.

Currently I’m trying to find suitable location/s for conducting such interviews.

Also, visited an area known in London for it’s heavy fusion of Korean restaurants and people.

I’m also hoping to catch quite a bit of “All Eyes On Korea” / “100 Days Of Korea”.  For interested peeps, see here:


Lastly, there is now both a Twitter account and Facebook page for the film [title of the documentary yet to be announced]…:

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing these they’ve heard the Facebook link has been playing up.

Until next time, that’s all for… well… this time.

All the best and thanks for your support & interest



Still garnering interest with the people I’m speaking to.

The more I tell people (whether strangers, acquaintances, friends or family) about my project the more i’m excited.

But with much excitement comes much much responsibility and daunting times.

I now have people on board plus I’m gathering equipment.

I guess I should reveal just a tiny bit more about the film.  Documentary style it involves the UK but also it’s connect with another country.

I’m scared… But hopeful too…

Much more soon…


FINALLY, INTO PRODUCTIVENESS – 22nd April to 27th April incl. [It continues…]

Gradually gaining interest, slowly but surely with the people I’m speaking to.
This project and the film itself is much based around human interaction & a passion for a certain subject.
Yep… And this weekend I’ll be spending some of getting to grips a little with shooting.  Shooting on the streets, indoors, wherever…
More soon…

FINALLY, INTO PRODUCTIVENESS – 21st April – It begins…

I’m ready.  The new project firmly set in my mind, and therefore brain scheduling it means the beginning is here.

Today – 21st April [Exactly one week after the 14th – obviously – and this will become more clear as I progress and reveal more].

Now, this is not the sort of project which necessarily required the full screenplay finished before proceeding further.  But instead, today I’ll begin garnering help and contacts…

Wish me luck!



“FINALLY, INTO PRODUCTION – 19th March – 19th April inclusive […& Final decision conclusive]”

Woah! What a month… and, Damn! Has it passed already?

So much has happened… Film star and director interviews for my website, a trip to Bali (via Thailand) & then covering the Terracotta Far East Film Festival!

Yep, that festival was only a couple of days after returning to England.  I’m probably still jetlagged, what with arriving back on the night of Monday 9th April, hitting real life again first thing Tuesday morning and then films from Thursday through to the night of Sunday 15th [I saw 13 films, sat through 3 masterclasses, a few Q & A’s, interviewed Japanese star Denden and also after-parties!] …

Whilst away in Bali and returning home & I guess after arriving home too, my intended idea [the very short film – 40 seconds perhaps] had been put on hold in favour of a longer one [perhaps 10 minutes] and less characters involved.  Yep, I thought I’d made a firm change of mind towards a more passionate-felt project but then yesterday – partly due to people I met and things discussed – things changed completely.

Last night I returned home with much excitement, put pen to paper [or rather finger to keyboard] and wrote the start of the script, which would also act as my synopsis or premise.

I don’t want to say anymore today but one thing’s for sure is that this project, although much longer in length could suit my means and also my interests right now.  Not to mention, as a first sole venture for me the experience could prove invaluable for future projects.

[There’s a very, very hidden clue in there and perhaps only those who know me or my interests will ‘get it’…]

More to follow…

“FINALLY, INTO PRODUCTION – Week Ending 18th March (Days 12 to 18)”

Life. It throws us writers and filmmakers so many an inspiration. The more and the longer you live, the more & further experienced you become.

Unfortunately, some experiences are best not turned into filmic depictions. Emotion is fantastic in cinema, but perhaps not when it rings true too many a hurtful memory. In time, wounds can heal and indeed become cinematic moments.

I guess what I’m trying to summise is that the last week or so has had involved a few half-traumas.  Yes, yours truly was thrown these unexpectedly.

Of course, and as mentioned before this doesn’t fully stop the thought & imagination parts of one’s brain functioning permanently… Even if these moments are brief.

Turning these negatives into positives now though, storyboarding and script-tweaking is still next on my list.

Over [but ‘NOT’ over!] and Out.

“FINALLY, INTO PRODUCTION – Days 9 to 11 (incl.)…”

My (non-film-making) life kind of took over here.  Of course, this doesn’t stop the brain from doing overtime thinking about the script, forthcoming storyboard and ultimate shots.

Interview transcribing (Japanese director, Satoshi Miki and actress Fuse Eri) also took precedent for certain reasons, as did my personal life.  Although, with regard to both of these aspects I’m fully aware that such commitments will have to take back-seat to my film-making ultimately.  As Mr Chris Jones reiterated to us the other weekend, film takes over your life… completely.

More of an update over the next day or so… I’ll most likely be focusing on storyboarding next (because as close to finishing the script as I am, it will always require mini-rewrites).

On the subject of storyboards, can anyone recommend the most user friendly program available – either free or for a small price – especially capable of turning non-professional-drawers like myself into half-decent displayers of artwork (?!) do let me know.

Thanks and Best…


“FINALLY, INTO PRODUCTION – Day 7 & Day 8 – A week into things…”

Short and sweet update…:

More changes to the short script, mostly in the set-up itself… I felt it would only really work with more blatant signage and perhaps a message to say.

In addition to this, I’ve made this blog available to ‘the world’ and not just The Guerilla Film-makers Network.  If you want to pass the word on it’s:

Plus…the already existing site which I have for film reviews and interviews:

Mini Mini Movie